Hi Chi-Town, Bye Chi-Town

by Victoria Principato

Although we had quick turnaround times during our two visits to Chicago, both Cate and I appreciated the beautiful architecture and accessibility of Chicago Union Station. Originally opened in 1925, this station serves as a hub for travelers all over the country. Some famous scenes from several movies, including the Untouchables, were filmed on the steps of the Canal Street Steps within he station. Check it out!


Another great feature of this station, which is especially great for Cate and I, includes the accommodations of the trains here. Today, we have begun the next leg of our journey that will include a bicycle that will accompany us along the way! We're so excited to have our own set of wheels to help us cover the last mile of our train journey upon reaching our destinations. Did you know that many of Amtrak's cars are bike friendly? It's as easy as ticket, tag it, and take it!

We had no problem rolling our way through Union Station, onto the platform, and into the special loading car. I'm sure our trusty bike will be safe and sound in the car below us. When we arrive at our next destination, all we have to do is show the Red Caps our matching ticket number to the one on our bike. Until next time, Chicago! Colorado, here we come!

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