Week One: Bike Ride Roundup

by Victoria Principato

With week one under our belts, Cate and I are feeling like we're starting to get this traveling thing down! Although our schedule is tight, we want to make sure we get the most out of every visit, and we've been able to see some incredible things From visiting Niagara Falls to viewing Lake Champlain, we've checked some major things off our bucket list! However, its key that I mention our method of transportation. Local bike shares have helped make our journey as awesome as its been, and have allowed us to see and experience each city in a different way. Here's this week's roundup of local bike shares by city.

New York

New York City’s Citi Bike Share was a great way to take a quick spin around the city before our first train ride! With over 10,000 bikes available throughout the city, Cate and I had no problem finding a couple bikes for a tour around the neighborhoods of New York. These New Jersey natives felt right at home riding the city streets of New York City. Citi Bike is simple to use: just insert your credit card at the kiosk, select how many bikes you need, and off you go! What a great start to a great trip!




Up next, Cate and I went a little further out of our comfort zone with our bike ride in Burlington. Thanks to Burlington’s bike share store Local Motion, we were able to rent two bikes that suited the (mildly hilly) Vermont terrain. Each cruiser had at least 3 gears, and spots to put our backpacks. We were so comfortable on these bikes, in fact, that we rode a record (for us Jersey girls at least) 25 miles! Read more about Local Motion and our trip to Burlington here.


From Burlington, we made our way to Montreal, Canada. This city’s bike share was extremely similar to New York’s (although the kiosk system’s main language was in French before English!) Bixi Bike is easy to access and simple to use. With 540 docks throughout the city, Cate and I had no trouble walking to its location right in the heart of the famous Old Montreal. We had a great time sampling the city’s local flavor, which you can read about here.



Since we had such a short stay in Toronto, we knew it was crunch time when it came to touring the city. What better way to do so than by bike?! We didn't let a little rainy weather stop us from sight seeing our way through the city. Thanks to Bike Share Toronto, and our ever optimistic guide Sophie, we saw everything from Kensington Market to High Park, all in less than two hours. The kiosk was simple to use, and the whole system made seeing the city a breeze. Check out our post about Toronto here!


Last but certainly not least for the week, we stopped in Buffalo, New York! Reddy bike share of Buffalo is super simple to use! However, it does have a different operating system than most of the other bike share systems we've tried. Each bike has a keypad and credit card swiper near the back tire. Powered by solar energy, these key pads make continuing your ride easy as pie. We took a beautiful tour of the Canalside, and got to experience a beautiful Buffalo summer day thanks to this city's innovative Bikeshare! 





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