We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

By Cate Boyle:

After 36 hours on the South West Chief from Los Angeles, we found ourselves rolling through the early morning fog in Kansas. Next thing we knew the sun rose and we were in Kansas City, Missouri!


We started off the day exploring Union Station and renting a Kansas City bike share B-Cycle for a lovely morning ride.


Exploring the city by bike was an excellent way to experience so much during our short layover in town. Kansas City was filled with tourists in all directions setting up camp to experience the Eclipse that will be directly passing over it this weekend! Our bike ride brought us to many different parts of the city including, Country Club Plaza, Brookside, and the Arts District.

After an excellent Barbecue lunch at Jacks Stack’s near Union Station, we took a ride on the FREE Street Car that brought us to City Market!


City Market was bustling with vendors, shops, and flowers! It was a beautiful part of the city we were so glad we got to experience before heading back to Union Station.


Off to catch the Missouri River Runner to Jefferson City!


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