The City of Angels

By Cate Boyle: 

Continuing our travels along the California Coat we took the Pacific Coast Liner from Santa Barbara approximately three hours to Los Angeles! This was a very comfortable train to load our bike on to and set off along the breathtaking coastal scenery. A bicycle reservation is not needed on this train which is a great feature on the Pacific Coast Liner train making it very easy for locals to hop on board with their bikes to make day trips or have their means of transportation handy. 


When we arrived at Los Angeles Union Station, we were blown away by how big the station was and how it seemed to have many of its historic characteristics visible. We were greeted in the main hall by a man in one corner playing the piano and on the other open doors leading out to a beautiful fountain and sitting area.

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We settled in and were able to enjoy an incredible rooftop dinner with a view. Watching the sunset over the hills of Hollywood as the iconic sign faded away into the night. Queue the lights; the city was bursting with spot lights and other rooftop restaurants making it impossible to look away. Mesmerized by the nightlife, Victoria and I could not wait to seize the day early the next morning! 


We woke up determined as ever to make the most of our day before our next long train ride out of this beautiful city! The search for entrance to hike to the Hollywood sign in Griffith Park was harder than Victoria, and I had imagined. Although we had done our research, some entrances have been closed to the public recently! Thankfully, we found a park entrance on Canyon Drive which leads you to a variety of different paths you can take for a scenic morning hike. After a long journey through the trails of Griffith Park seeing horses, deer, and even a tiny lizard, we finally arrived at the perfect Hollywood sign view! 


Then we were off to see the Stars! Hollywood Boulevard was a bucket list item of mine. Although I have been to LA in the past, I never got the chance to walk among the stars on Hollywood Boulevard! The streets were packed with tourists taking their pictures with their favorite actors, actresses, and performers. Victoria and I wandered the street reading off all the names we recognized while making a stop by the TCL Chinese Theater. 

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The rest of our afternoon was spent downtown, after an enjoyable visit the Grand Central Market, we headed back to Union Station.


Here, we were able to meet up with some representatives from the Metro Bike Share Program. With over 167,000 boarding’s each day out of Union Station in Los Angeles, Metro has partnered with the City of Los Angeles, the City of Pasadena, and the Port of Los Angeles to create a fantastic bike share program throughout the city. They currently have over 60 stations with hundreds of bikes across Downtown Los Angeles, and they are expanding to help accommodate their riders with an easy way to get that extra mile. We were lucky enough to get a Bike tour of the downtown area with Brett, a Transportation Planner for Metro, and some of his colleagues. The Metro Bike Share program is straightforward to use and helpful for all those traveling in and out of the city each day. 

On to our next long journey aboard the Southwest Chief! 

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