From Sea to Shining Sea

by Victoria Principato

After a few hours on the train from Sacramento, Cate and I sat in the observation car, minding our own business, when suddenly we saw something glimmering in the distance. Our car kept moving and the clearing opened, and there it was: the Pacific Ocean! For the next 30 minutes or so, we rode the Coast Starlight along the ocean. The views were incredible! If you ever get the chance to take this ride, make sure you're in the observation car. It was absolutely unforgettable!

After this amazing train trip, Cate and I were ready to roll! After unloading Cate's bike, we were greeted by the incredible team at Bici Centro, which is Santa Barbara's bike coalition. They were kind enough to bring us a bike directly to the station, then take us for a quick spin around downtown Santa Barbara! Cate and I had the pleasure of being guests on Bici Centro's monthly TV show to talk about Summer by Rail. This month's episode will be released sometime next week, so stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Bici Centro, check out their website here!

Nestled between the base of a mountain and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara has something for everyone. Its downtown streets are lined with shops, art studios, restaurants, and wineries. If we had more time in this awesome town, Cate and I definitely would have taken advantage of some of the great hiking and bike trails Santa Barbara has to offer, or maybe even done a little paddle boarding in the Pacific! But not worry, Cate and I definitely took the time to explore Santa Barbara's incredible downtown. Like most West Coasters, we took our sweet time strolling from shop to shop. We strolled down Stearns Wharf, and even sat for a quick lunch before catching our next train, (but not before getting a quick ice cream cone, of course!) Overall, Santa Barbara has so much to offer. We're looking forward to seeing the success of Bici Centro's downtown bike path projects when we revisit Santa Barbara. Up next: LA, baby!



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