Trip Kickoff: Summer by Rail is Officially Underway!

By Victoria Principato

This morning, as I groggily boarded the New Jersey Transit train from Trenton (try saying that five times fast,) it suddenly hit me: our journey was finally beginning! After months of researching and planning, our Summer by Rail trip is actually happening, and Cate and I couldn't be more thrilled.

After taking the New Jersey Transit line to Penn Station in New York, I met up with Cate and the rest of the NARP team. We were lucky enough to be given a station tour by one of Amtrak's knowledgeable train experts. Did you know that the original Penn Station was built in 1910? It served as a main hub for travelers from all across the country. However, as train travel decreased in the 1960s, the Pennsylvania Railroad sought to decrease in size. The stunning, neoclassical Penn Station building was a piece of New York history, but was sadly demolished in 1963. Although the above ground portions of the building were destroyed, fortunately the underground rails were left in tact. 



And we're so glad they are! Today, we were able to launch our journey from this historic station. And while Penn Station has experienced some rough patches in its history, it is always improving. Penn Station is currently undergoing some renovations, which we got to see in our up close and personal tour. We can't wait to see what the future holds in store for Penn Station. Until then, we'll be traveling the rails to visit the other great stations of America. Updates to come!