How to Pack for a Month on the Road

by Victoria Principato

One more day to go before Summer by Rail is officially on track! Today, Cate and I made our final preparations before departure. Although I had some minor difficulty fitting my wardrobe for the month in a suitcase, nothing was more difficult than saying goodbye to my puppy, Marty! (Pictured above. Adorable, right?) Although many Amtrak trains allow animals of a certain size to travel with their owners, unfortunately, my family wasn't super excited about the idea of Marty joining me for this cross country adventure. Sorry Marty! 


Although goodbyes are hard, Cate and I are so thrilled to finally begin the journey we've been planning for so long! Both of us have our tickets in hand, suitcases packed, and cameras prepared for this Great American Roadtrip. With all that we have planned ahead, and the many climates we are expecting to face, we both had to make sure we're prepared with the right gear. First and foremost, if you ever find yourself planning a long distance trip, space saving is key. Because of its sturdy build and waterproof exterior, I've found that my North Face Backpack is perfect for traveling! It fits my laptop and has compartments to help me stay organized. I also have room for my Sleeping Bag Liner, which is basically a compact travel blanket, which I'm told is perfect for cool evenings on Amtrak's sleeper cars! (Thanks for the travel tip, Mariah!) 

What else is inside my suitcase? I definitely made sure to bring plenty of cotton t-shirts, which are perfect in any climate! I also packed sneakers and several pairs of running shorts and leggings, for the many hike and bike trails that Cate and I plan to conquer. To help pass the time spent on the train, I also downloaded plenty of books (check out my reading list here!), movies, and playlists. I can't wait to finally depart on our journey. Updates to come!