Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

By Cate Boyle

One of the things I am looking forward to most about this trip is the time that will be spent on the train. As of now, I have calculated that Victoria and I will be riding trains for a total of 178 hours! That might seem scary to some people, but I am very excited to have this type of experience.  One of the best parts about preparing for this Summer by Rail adventure is to plan out how we will be occupying ourselves during this time.

This is the perfect time to catch up on all the movies I have been dying to see and some of my personal favorites that I would like to re-watch! Therefore, I have started compiling a bucket list of “Must See Movies”  for this ultimate cross country train adventure!

  1. Harry Potter Series

Making it to the top of my “Must See Movies” list is a classic for our generation and my all time favorite movie series! Having seen each of the eight films more times than I can remember, it never seems to get old. I can't wait to partake in a Harry Potter Marathon during one of the long train rides across the country. From the first few years of Harry and his friends getting into all sorts of mischief to the final battle at Hogwarts, my series film pack will most definitely be making the trip across the country with me. I'm thinking that with about 178 hours to spare on the train I should be able to find a little time for a classic movie marathon! I cannot think of a better time to binge watch all eight movies again!

    2. James Bond

Another Classic movie series I love is James Bond. However, my interest is in a select four out of the whole series of films ranging from 1962 until 2012. I have great respect for the 007 brand and all its movies, my favorite 007 star would be Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and his four consecutive films. These movies were my first introduction to action movies and will always be held at the top of my favorites list. The series made up of action and mystery keeps people on their toes and has been keeping its fans coming back for more for almost 60 years. Thus 007, “The Pierce Brosnan Collection” including Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day will undoubtedly be making the trip with me!


3. Gifted

Gifted is a newer movie that I have been excited to watch! I have seen a few trailers, and it looks like a very intriguing and heartfelt film. It is a story of a young girl, Mary, who after the death of her genius mother, is left in the care of her uncle. The tragic story continues when others come to the realization that Mary is extraordinarily talented while her uncle, knowing her potential, struggles to salvage her innocence and provide her with a normal childhood. As a movie lover, I am hoping to be able to download a few newer movies through Netflix before the start of the trip and sit back and relax.


3. Meet the Parents

The combination of Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro never ceases to bring laughter to a room. This series should hopefully bring some good old fashioned humor to our time on the train. I love watching the interaction between the characters who bring someone home to “Meet the Parents” and the trainwreck that undoubtedly ensues. The laughs continue with “Meet the Fockers” along with the unforeseen disasters and uncomfortable situations of bringing two different families together as one. The plan for this series of movies is to brighten up days and keep us laughing throughout some of our longer train rides!

5. Dirty Dancing

Ahh, the classic summer romance story! This is one of my all time favorite movies between the music, dancing, and drama.  The storyline of two people from very different walks of life coming together to change stigmas and expectations. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey leave a legacy of a forbidden love story that brings hope and understanding to people from all different backgrounds. This is an all time favorite not only for me but many people with one of the most uplifting and exciting endings!


With a crazy summer filled with international travel and planning for the Summer By Rail trip, I haven't been able to find much down time for my favorite hobby. I cannot wait to see these movies and hopefully much more! I am hoping that these movies, along with a few others, will help occupy just a few of the many hours that will be spent riding the country's long distance rail system. Not to mention travel games, cards, and books that will undoubtedly be filling the gaps!



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