Vic's Picks: Summer by Rail Bucket List

by Victoria Principato

Although this summer is already halfway through, there's much more to come! With 22 cities to visit in less than 30 days, I'm looking forward to all that Cate and I will get to see. However, there's a few things that I'm hoping to check off my bucket list with this year's Summer by Rail.


Sample Ice Cream in Every City

If I could choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be ice cream. Trying new flavors is a priority for me. What better way to experience the local flavor of a city than by sampling its ice cream selection?! In my humble opinion, there isn't one. 



Bike along the Rocky Mountains

Aside from taking an ice cream tour of every city we visit, I'm also looking forward to some of the beautiful views we'll be getting to see in every stop. Another great way to experience every stop is by bike. Bike rides offer a unique way of covering a lot of ground in each and every city. In addition, bike rides give riders an up close perspective of the city, all while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. I would love nothing more than to get to experience some of our country's most beautiful mountain ranges by bike.



See the Milky Way

As a New Jersey native, I have lived in the Northeast of the United States my entire life. With such easy access to several major cities, being on the East Coast has its perks, don't get me wrong. However, there are many things I've missed out on because of my location. I'm told that some of the views of the night sky in the Midwest are unlike any other. I'm definitely hoping for some new views of the stars are something I'll get to experience this summer!



Find the Best Burger in the Country


As part of this Great American Road Trip, it would be wrong to not sample one of the United State's finest delicacies. From East to West, I'm hoping to try a variety of burgers across the country, and to see which region does this classic best.


Revisit the District


Finally, I'm looking forward to returning to Washington, D.C. with several new stories and experiences to share with family and friends. Although I'm sure Cate and I will get to see some incredible things on our journey, after riding trains for a month I'm sure it'll be nice to stay in one place for more than 24 hours! I can't wait to take what I will learn about our country's rail infrastructure and apply this knowledge in D.C.'s political scene.


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