Hear Us Out: Summer by Rail on The Outspoken Cyclist

by Victoria Principato

This past week, Cate and I had the great honor of being guests on the Outspoken Cyclist, a radio show by cyclists, for cyclists. How does Summer by Rail tie into this radio show's theme? Both cycling and train travel are communal methods of transportation, or as bicycle advocate and radio host Diane Jenks puts it, they are both "civilized forms of travel." This summer, Cate and I will be incorporating bike travel with our train trip! With the help of Amtrak's bike services, Cate and I will be bringing our bikes along with us on our journey, and will be experiencing every destination to the fullest.

How does bike travel help make this a reality? Bicyclist Diane Jenks explores this topic on her weekly podcast, The Outspoken Cyclist. On the air for almost seven years now, Diane has had over 300 shows, and discusses her experiences as a seasoned cyclist. As a bike rider and bicycle shop owner herself, its clear that Diane is passionate about the benefits of bike travel. Diane's cheerful enthusiasm and upbeat tone were so welcoming and telling of her passion for biking.

Being from a small town in New Jersey, I've only ever ridden my bike up and down the streets of my suburban neighborhood. Occasionally, I've even ventured to use the bike share system in Washington, D.C. to bike along the city's bike trail. But, truthfully, I've never biked in any terrain more difficult than uneven pavement. This summer will definitely be a learning experience for me when Cate and I get to bike alongside rivers and through wooded areas (and hopefully a few small towns so I feel a little more at home!)

We're looking forward to keeping Diane in the loop for some beginner biker tips and tricks on our journey. If you're interested in hearing Cate and I chat with Diane on her 356th show, feel free to check out The Outspoken Cyclist's podcast here

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