Why Spend a Summer by Rail?

By Victoria Principato

Through advancements in technology, our lives are becoming smaller and more interconnected than ever before. We are in constant communication with each other, especially through social media. However, this digital connection can mask the physical space that exists between us -- major gaps in our interconnectedness that desperately need to be filled in. And it's my belief that we can fulfill this gap if more people experienced our country by train.

Traveling by long distance train vastly differs from any other mode of transportation. Our world moves at the speed of light, and is always searching for ways to do things with even more speed. But when we travel by train, we are forced to slow down, and to spend time with those who along for the journey with us.

This is the reason that train travel should be embraced, not discarded as a method of traveling in the past. In order to come to a greater understanding of different areas of our country, and the people who there, it is important to experience it, firsthand. I can’t wait to finally have the opportunity to do so, this summer with Summer by Rail. 

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