CityLab Introduces Stevie to the World

So maybe it's weird to blog about a blog about yourself, but Eillie Anzilotti of Atlantic's CityLab was kind enough to ride along with us during yesterday's tour of Manhattan's greenway, and I wanted to make sure everyone saw her wonderful story about Summer by Rail

At the corner of Broadway and Dyckman Street at the northern tip of Manhattan, Elena Studier is doing some final checks on her bike. She scans to make sure there’s air in the tires and that the brakes are working. Her backpack, a giant green Opsrey, is packed with the bare minimum. For the next 38 days, she’ll be traversing the country using only a bike (hers is named Stevie) and Amtrak, making 18 stops in various cities along the way.
The ten-mile ride down the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway from Inwood to Penn Station is just the first leg of her trip. I’m tagging along with representatives from Amtrak and the East Coast Greenway Alliance—an organization working to connect the major cities along the eastern seaboard by bike paths—to see her off. We cycle away from the sleepy streets of weekend-morning Inwood and over to the Hudson. The air is cool and salty; to our right, across the river, are quiet, wooded cliffs; to the left, the Metro-North Hudson line tracks.

Hopefully Eillie's story introduces my project to a whole new audience of people who never even thought of the ways Amtrak can connect them -- and the Stevie in their life -- to America's small towns and national parks. (And if you're just joining us and you're confused about how that would even work... stick around and you'll find out!)